TINT by Filestack updates
TINT by Filestack updates

Hashtags for Instagram Update

Add an Instagram #hashtag to any TINT exactly the same way you would add any other connection. We handle the #hashtags like any other connection, you can aggregate, curate and display to meet your needs. Only now, you need to use an Instagram Business Account. Navigate to the Content section of the TINT editor to get started. Learn more.

Additional Saved Filters

We have added support for additional saved filters in the TINT Filter Bar. You can now save up to twenty five (25) saved filters that can be used for any number of combinations of connections, languages, tags or more. Learn more about our Filter Bar!

Additional Improvements and Fixes:

  • Reviews can now be filtered automatically in the editor using the Filter Bar and pre-created tags
  • Slider Theme Load time improvements through image scaling
  • Tall Photo Theme Font Sizing works properly on all text
  • Add/Remove Moderation with the "Lock" restored
  • Expanded TINTmix limits larger than 5 are now respected

Filter by Media Type

You can now filter your content by the type of media that it contains! Get ready to be trapped in a YouTube-style video hole now that you can find all of the videos posted with #cutekittens (or whatever hashtag you use) with the click of a button.

Just navigate to the Editor for the TINT of your choice and begin filtering your content with our Filter Bar. You can filter posts by images, videos and text-only to find the perfect content.

NOTE: Only new content (ingested after September 20th, 2018) will be able to be filtered by media type.

Additional Improvements and Fixes:

  • Updated Event Checkout Flow
  • Improved Error Messages when Creating Collaborators

Instagram Mentions and Tags

New Source of UGC - Instagram @Mentions and Tagged Posts

We just added Instagram for Business to your sources of UGC that can be added to your TINT. To get started just click the Instagram Business connection type in the Content section of the TINT editor (more help here). From there you can start aggregating new @mentions and tagged posts associated with your Instagram Business account(s).

Don't have an Instagram Business account? Follow the steps here to get started with Instagram for Business

Additional Improvements:

  • Added Labels on the Content and Filter section for each connection to better identify the connection type (e.g. hashtag, account, mention, etc.)
  • Rights Acquired updates are provided with an email summary when you have any rights acquired posts

Features Deprecated

Due to recent changes from Instagram and Facebook we removed the following options:

  • "Facebook Location” as a content source. We are no longer able to aggregate content from Facebook locations due to a change in the Facebook API. You will notice that you can no longer add new Location connections and any current connections will no longer update. Any content that was previously pulled will remain on your TINT(s).

  • Social Engagement on Posts and Filters in Content. Likes, Shares, Retweets, etc. have been removed from the posts and filters. Similar to FB Locations, this change is due to API changes and rate limits.

If you have any questions or concerns please email our Success Team (success@tintup.com) who are ready to help!

CTA Visual Refresh

We just released a major update to our CTAs that changed the standard look of the CTA button. The button now fits more natively with the post. Additionally, you can easily style the button from the Personalize section and apply different styling per Personalization.

We have also added features for e-commerce including the ability to add an image and to create a “Smart” CTA. Smart CTAs are powered by your saved filters in the Content section of the TINT editor. Lastly we now support pixel tracking to measure your conversion funnel from TINT engagement including CTA clicks to conversion. Contact our team to learn more.

CTA Management

CTAs are now managed from the Content Section of the TINT editor. Styling is now something that can only be applied via custom CSS. Please contact support@tintup.com if you run into any problems styling your CTAS. This change to CTAs is the first step in a series of changes to come in our effort to make TINTs more shoppable.

Saved Filters

Filters that can be applied in the Content section to slice and dice posts can now be saved to a preset. Simply select the options that you want to save to the preset filter and click "Save Filter" to name and save your settings. Once saved, the filter options can be accessed with one click. Want to make your saved filters part of your display? Let us know here.

Rights Comment & Link

Rights requests utilizing our TINT link option now copies the message as entered in TINT and the auto generated link when you click to "Create Link". Simply paste into the comment or DMs on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to send your custom message to acquire rights through TINT.

Added Changelog to Navigation

New changelog added to our navigation page. Check back here for updates on future fixes, improvements and new features from your team at TINT.