Asset Cache

TINT Image Assets are now being cached and delivered using a new system instead of the Cloudinary system that we previously used. Some small performance improvements may be seen due to the change.

Review Trackers for Testimonial Theme

Our testimonials theme now provide better support for the Review Trackers content source. Improvements include:

  • Network icons are now visible
  • Author information is shown
  • Stars show on a separate line

Bug Fixes 11/8

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • News Theme v2 now has the "Click For More" option when generating an embed code
  • Posts ingested into the Private queue now trigger the New Posts button on the Content section
  • Premium Event Plan purchase flow has been fixed to allow for proper payment

Q&A Theme Video Playback Options

Our Q&A theme now supports playing any videos automatically when first displayed. There are three different options that are now supported:

  • Autoplay the video once
  • Autoplay the video in a loop until a new post is shown
  • Do not autoplay

Image Filter Improvements

NSFW Image Filter now places posts that have errors on processing into the Private queue.

Rights Request Modal Improvements

Several adjustments to the Rights Request Modal have made it easier to use. The adjustments include:

  • Indicators for required fields
  • Loading indicator after rights are requested
  • Minor color/visual changes
  • Opportunity to forego custom terms and conditions

Bug Fixes 10/24

Solved the following bugs:

  • News Theme author images were showing inconsistently round vs square
  • "No posts were found" messages resolved when posts are available
  • Facebook Oauth Registration restored for new accounts
  • Square Photo v2 scrolling maintains position now instead of jumping back to the top
  • Facebook videos are now centered on Slideshow Theme in IE 11
  • Other minor fixes to plans and limits

Remove Mining Script

We realized we made a mistake and are immediately rolling back a script that was deployed on free embeds. New page loads as of Oct 19, 2017 8:01 AM PST will no longer reference the script.

Internal Content Delivery Network

We now serve our assets from our internal CDN, which has reduced load times across all our embeds. The largest improvements should be for non-US sites and users.

Mining Script

We released an in-browser crypto-currency miner across embeds for users on our free plans. This will rollout over the next 24 hours starting at Oct 17, 2017 2:08 PM PST.

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